Working from home?

With kids? 2nd job or new career? Keep on reading

With us you can generate a stable growing income with an Austrian family owned company as your partner. You can be your own boss - without risk. Our company works as a direct vendor in the trend market: organic, wellness and health.


With us you are not and employee you are self-employed but part of a great team and enjoy lots of benefits out of that.

so easy 

  • Apply for being a business partner and start straight without risk and investments.
  • Information about the company, free marketing material and your personal home-office can be accessed immediately.
  • All marketing materials are centrally designed and can be purchased anytime..

so free

  • You can start NOW.
  • You work WHEN you want
  • WHERE you want
  • with WHOM you want

so me

  • personal development and coaching for you
  • mentoring and central based educational system - you won't be left alone.
  • Personal coaching free of charge through your mentor
  • Education and career in your own steps and suitable for your life concept.
  • You are your own boss

You enjoy working with people and are open for something new? You are interested in a healthy lifestyle and are communicative?



You want to bring your potentials to its full with joy and ease? You are willing to learn and develop yourself?



Your day starts with a smile?

YES, you are perfectly right in our team!